I have been featured in USA Today About Reborns as a Therapy Tool!

My Personal Therapy Doll Experience

I first heard of reborn dolls in the mid-1990’s. I didn’t really look into them at that time, as I was having babies myself. Fast forward to November 2022 and I see an article discussing the therapeutic uses of reborn baby dolls for Alzheimer’s, dementia, PTSD, anxiety, depressionto comfort grieving mothers, those who are infertile, companionship for the elderly and just an all around fun hobby.

These babies are not only collectible, numbered pieces of art you can hold, they are a therapy tool.

As I suffer from Bipolar and General Anxiety Disorder, I found it interesting enough to get a reborn myself, and see what the fuss was about. I was amazed at how just holding a life-like reborn baby doll worked to ease my anxiety and to give me something else to focus on. Since they are sized, weighted and artistically painted to resemble real babies, for me, the babies act as a great distraction technique, to help manage not only my mental health symptoms, but symptoms from my many other chronic health & daily chronic pain conditions.

Even my therapist was impressed and 100% approved.

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As soon as I saw, first-hand, the therapeutic benefits, I got more babies and really went all into the reborn hobby and connected within the reborn doll community. My love of reborns had begun and my love continued to grow… as did my nursery of therapeutic babies.

A new purpose & mission: Community reborn doll therapy

I quickly realized that my babies could help others too. So I did a little experiment; I went to Target and took one of my babies with me. Of course, he was dressed like a real baby, he was in a real cart seat in the cart, and someone walked by and said, “Oh, what a little doll!”, to which I responded, “Actually, it is a doll! It’s a reborn therapy doll.”

That was all it took, everyone within ear shot had to come look, and were amazed and how life-like he was. I let them hold him and it was fun to see their positive reactions. As I went through the store shopping, other people would comment on the cute baby, or look my way, and I would tell them it’s a therapy doll and tell them about how therapy dolls are used. They were curious and very positive. One lady took our picture, one lady started tearing up and said I had made her day and another wanted to know if I had a web site…which is when my community reborn doll therapy idea really came together.

The Purpose of Reborn Doll Therapy is to:

  • Educate about all the ways reborn dolls can be used as a therapy tool.
  • Hopefully soon I will offer local (St Louis metro) reborn doll therapy visits*.
  • I also admin my private Reborn Doll Therapy Facebook group for reborn enthusiasts to gather.

I have lots of reborn babies for not only my enjoyment, but to offer therapy options to others*.

*Reborn dolls are expensive. My therapy dolls are not given to those in need of therapy, I go with the dolls and remain present to offer their therapeutic benefits, and then they come back home with me.

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